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Dell hell. Dell Hell. Dell owns dellhell.com, but we own dellhell.net. Thats right, Dell owns dellhell.com, we own dellhell.net. We're here not to bash, but to help. Dell has a way of doing things Dell's way. Dell makes Dell computers. Have you had enough? Dell's is not listening, we're here to give the consumer a voice, an alternative. Dell, Dell, Dell. BTW don't even think about dell bashing, so dont BASH DELL. The purpose here is not to bash but to connect users who might have solved their problem with users who dont know how to. Yes I know this grammatic structure makes for a horrid read. Its more about phrases that search engines might find. Dell, dell, dell. fix my dell, please. dell gripes, dell complaints, dell customer service, lack of dell customer service

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